Discuss & Do

Another lively well-informed group of people came to the business premises Discuss & Do event at the Town Hall in Frome in July.  Jon Haines of McAllisters talked about the market in Frome, and the role of the surveyor in negotiating terms.  Neil Howlett of Harris & Harris gave advice about what to expect or ask for in a lease, and the other issues any new business tenant needs to think about.

Finding business premises in Frome is a challenge.  The Chamber with the Town Council has been working with the local planning authorities to make a high priority for them – with some success.

Frome Town Council maintain a register of business premises.  MDC have a page with advice and contacts.  This has a link the register of business property maintained by MDC / Into Somerset but not everything get posted to it.  The Business Property Network lists smaller premises in Somerset & West Wilts.

In Frome it is worth giving your details to all the local agents as property doesn’t always reach the open market.  The main agents for commercial property are:-

There is also a Facebook group Workspace needs in Frome on which people post needs and sometimes property that is available, and there is always Google.

As with many others things people in Frome are good at coming up with innovative solutions and doing things themselves.  Because there is high demand rents are going up and landlords with unused space are looking to use it.  Talk to people you know, look out for notices in windows, and if you think you have found space that would suit you that isn’t being used contact the owner.  You can check the size of premises on the Business Rates register and who owns it from the Land Registry.

Before you start negotiating for premise educate yourself about your options. See the guidance here:

Once you’ve found something that might work for you put your business brain in gear. Don’t blindly sign whatever is given to you; get advice about the commercial terms and the legal contracts before you sign them! Contact our Commercial Property specialists Neil Howlett and Christiana Olomolaiye.