Preparing for our First Meeting

The more preparation you do before our first meeting, the more you’ll get out of it. Help us get to the point quickly by bringing in (or sending in advance) everything we will need to be able to give you advice:-

    • Write down all your questions, and bring the list along to the meeting
    • Get together all the paperwork that may be relevant. We will need to see it. Put it in order, for example, by organising the letters or documents by date. This will make it easier for us to understand them and advise you more quickly. Bring everything that we might need, you never know what will be important
    • If there is a history write a chronology or list of important things in order, to help us understand quickly, and so you don’t forget to mention them
    • If there are other people we will need to work with, e.g., accountants, or who we will need to contact, please bring in all their contact details, and let them know we may contact them
    • If you have any special needs, like avoiding stairs, or an interpreter let us know when you make the appointment. If necessary we will come to see you at home or a neutral venue
    • If you are planning to bring someone with you, either to offer moral support or to help remember what’s said, mention this when making the appointment, so we can make sure we can accommodate them
    • If we ask you questions try to answer briefly, clearly and accurately. If we need to know more we will ask you
    • Make sure you ask all your questions and that you fully understand the answers you’re given. If there is anything you don’t understand, ask us to explain – that’s what we are here to do
    • After the meeting we will send you a summary of our advice.

See the SRA guidance on using a Solicitor.