Conveyancing – Pricing Information

At Harris and Harris we will always provide you with a written costs estimate at the outset of any transaction.  That estimate is based upon the time we expect to spend on the transaction and we will work hard to stay within the cost estimate supplied.

Your transaction will be handled by one of our qualified specialist residential conveyancing solicitors and you will be dealing directly with one of the following:

Please do feel free to telephone or email any of us and we will be delighted to discuss your transaction in the context of your specific circumstances to provide you with a no obligation detailed written costs estimate.

Kathryn Lander who is the head of the Residential Conveyancing Department has been with Harris and Harris for more than 30 years and has extensive experience in residential property work.

In our Wells office Kathryn, Shobee and Maisie work with a team of high quality support staff most of whom have been with the firm for many years and each of us have a dedicated secretary.  We also have a specialist completions clerk.

In our Frome office Ben Monksummers is supported by a dedicated secretary and completions clerk.

You can be confident that we will be available to deal with your queries and keep you informed of progress in the transaction.  Our aim is to provide a first-class personal service at a reasonable price.  If you have any queries please do talk with us.

For illustration purposes, below is an indication of the likely costs for typical residential conveyancing transactions conducted by Harris and Harris.

For the sale or purchase of residential property, our costs estimate is usually based on the sale price of the property, as follows:

  • For a property priced up to £200,000 our costs will range from £730 to £840, plus VAT
  • For a property priced between £200,001 and £350,000 our costs will range from £870 to £960, plus VAT
  • For a property priced between £350,001 and £650,000 our costs will range from £990 to £1,300, plus VAT
  • For a property priced between £650,001 and £1,000,000 our costs will range from£1,500 to £1,900, plus VAT

If the property you are selling or buying is worth more than £1,000,000 please do contact us and we can give you a bespoke estimate of costs tailored to your specific circumstances.

If the property is Leasehold we usually estimate that an additional fee of £150 plus VAT will need to be added to the costs set out above.

If you are looking to mortgage or re-mortgage your property our costs will range from £495 to £750 plus VAT depending on the requirements of your mortgage lender and whether a Transfer of Equity is involved. Please do contact us so that we can discuss this with you.

The above charges are based on our estimate of the amount of time likely to be taken in dealing with a residential conveyancing transaction and assume that there are no unusual or complicating factors. The following are examples of factors which might increase the costs or amend the estimate we provide:

  • if there is a defective title
  • if we are dealing with a transfer of part
  • if deeds and documents are missing
  • if you are buying a new build property
  • if there is a help to buy equity mortgage
  • if you are buying multiple properties
  • if there is a new Lease
  • non-standard transactions including transactions with a commercial property element.

During a normal sale or purchase of a residential property we will ordinarily expect to undertake the following:

In the case of sale, we will draft the Contract and prepare the legal pack for the property. We will respond to the Buyer’s solicitor’s enquiries. We will deal with the formalities of exchange and completion and deal with the redemption of existing mortgages and account to you for the sale proceeds.

In the case of a purchase, we will review the draft Contract, investigate legal title to the property, check that the correct paperwork is in place in respect of planning permissions and building regulations, obtain, review, report and advise on property searches where required, and raise enquiries with the Seller’s solicitor. We will also act for your lender if you are buying with the assistance of a mortgage. We will deal with the formalities of exchange and completion and deal with payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax and registration of the purchase at the Land Registry.

In any transaction, we will liaise with any relevant third parties such as your estate agent, management companies, freeholders of any leasehold property and surveyors.

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, personal and efficient service in clear and simple language.

There may of course be unforeseen circumstances which require additional or unexpected work.In each case we will advise you in advance of the implications and costs. Certain aspects which may arise are subject to standard charges and these are:

  • Drafting a standard Declaration of Trust to protect different parties investments into a property at £250 plus VAT
  • Attending to Help to Buy ISA requests at £50 plus VAT
  • Dealing with new Help to Buy Equity Loans at £300 plus VAT

Additional expenses or disbursements will also be payable in most residential conveyancing transactions including Land Registry fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax, search costs and other payments due to third parties such as a Managing Agent’s fee to provide leasehold information. We will always provide you with a full estimate of these additional expenses at the outset taking into account the circumstances of your transaction.

The costs estimate we provide is based on our hourly charging rates. Kathryn Lander’s hourly charging rate is £215 per hour plus VAT, Catherine Weaver and Ben Monksummers’ hourly charging rate is £205 per hour plus VAT and the hourly charging rate for Maisie Priscott is £195 per hour plus VAT.