Up Before the Beak

Up Before the Beak

Harris & Harris’s office at Wells has been getting lots of new visitors this summer. They’ve been stopping to admire our swan, sponsored as part of the Swans of Wells project.

‘Up Before the Beak’ is particularly appropriate as it combines the views we have from the back of 14 Market Place onto the Bishop’s Palace with the swans in the moat with the history of the building. There have been lawyers in 14 Market Place almost continuously since it was built by Bishop Beckynton in 1451.

The Beak looks resplendent in his (or her?) wig and red gown, staring down through half-moon glasses. At 5ft high The Beak can look down quite disapprovingly!

Our Swan will be migrating at the end of the summer. Along with the other Swan of Wells “The Beak” goes under the hammer on 29 September at an auction at The Bishop’s Palace.

For more details see Swans of Wells 2012.