Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Harris & Harris is based in the communities of Wells and Frome, the local area of Somerset and the wider world.  We have an impact in all these communities.  We want that impact to be positive.  We will never act in a way that would diminish public confidence in us or our profession.  We believe that having a Community Social Responsibility policy is also good for our business and our future through improving morale and motivation of staff, enhancing our standing and reputation and making us more efficient.

In October 2016 we participated in Frome Town Council’s ‘Good Business’ audit, intended to explore good business practices that benefit individual enterprises, are socially and environmentally responsible and bring prosperity. Their report was that “Harris & Harris is an exemplary local business, keen to treat fairly and with care employees and clients alike.”


We are committed to the highest professional standards as solicitors and the best Quality Management standards through our accreditation to Lexcel.  Client Care is at the heart of what we do.  Our clients are entitled to the best advice & support provided in the way they need it and full advice about their choices & costs.  We will only take on your work if we have the skills and the resources to do it well.


We have adopted the strap-line “Professionals with a human face” because that was how a client described us.  We recognise that everyone at Harris & Harris contributes to client care, from the moment you call us until your file is closed and goes into storage.

We are committed to the improvement of our service through learning, training and personal development.  We are fortunate to have many staff who have worked for Harris & Harris for more than ten years, who have developed their skills and qualifications in that time.  We do not believe in a competitive internal environment, but all work together as a team to provide the best service for clients – we trust everyone to do that.

We operate responsible, flexible and non-discriminatory recruitment and employment practices.  We also recognise that we are all entitled to a life outside of work.

Action in the Community

We are proud to have helped many vulnerable members of the community, particularly with problems concerning children, domestic violence, mental health and employment law.  In doing so we have accepted payment at less than commercial levels.

We have also supported community organisations with legal advice or financial contributions.  Where we have provided pro bono advice it has not been our policy to publicise that as clients we have helped in this way are as entitled to confidentiality as any others.


We have adopted and are continuing to develop our Environmental Policy.  As with everything we do we involve everyone in this.

Please contact Caroline Fletcher.