Disability Access

Harris & Harris are committed to providing services to all clients.  If you have a disability that should not stand in the way of getting legal advice.  Let us know the best way to help you.

  • This website is designed so that you can change the text size using your Internet browser settings.  You should also be able to use screen reading software.
  • Documents in PDF format include a facility for your computer to convert them to speech (Tools>Read Out Loud).
  • If you are coming to our offices tell us if you need a ground floor interview room.  If you cannot get to us, we will come to see you at your home, or a neutral venue.
  • You are welcome to bring an interpreter or companion with you.  Please let us know in advance so we can accommodate them.
  • If you want us to arrange the interpreter tell us the language, and if you want to use a particular interpreter their contact details.
  • We have professional obligations to send information to clients.  Normally we are required to do that in writing. We want you to be able to understand everything we send you.  If you need documents or e-mails sent in large type please tell us.  If you need information provided on tape or in Braille we can do that.
  • We have a portable induction loop system based at Wells.  We can also use that at Frome or bring it to your home.  If that would help you please let us know in advance.

Please also see our Equality & Diversity Policy.