Environmental Policy


  • Harris & Harris are bound by ethical standards in our legal work
  • We also have ethical standards in the way we operate generally
  • Social responsibility involves Harris & Harris, the people who work here, our clients, suppliers and our community
  • Protection of the environment is for the good of everyone
  • Effective and efficient use of resources is good business practice


  • Reduce consumption of energy and materials in the office
  • Encourage individual responsibility
  • Recognise that small changes can have a real cumulative effect

What we are doing

  • Energy Audit   We have had an independent audit and are implementing the recommendations
  • Confidential Paperwork is shredded offsite and the pulp recycled
  • Sustainable sources for paper
  • Recycling  toner cartridges (with revenue donated to charity), and recycling computers (once all data has been made inaccessible).
  • Heating radiators have been fitted with independent thermostats
  • Light Bulbs are being converted to low energy on a rolling programme
  • Save Energy –  Control heating, windows and air conditioning equipment to maintain comfortable working conditions without wasting energy
  • Turn it Off Everyone is responsible for turning off their own computer, monitor & printer when not in use, rather than leaving them on standby and also turning off lights if they are the last to leave any room
  • Think before you print Use e-mail instead of paper memos.  Send documents as attachments. Edit documents on screen.  Save e-mails or documents as electronic files. Don’t print the same e-mail twice
  • Stop Junk Mail Don’t just bin junk mail – be positive and cancel it
  • Recycle Use non-confidential waste paper for notes or recycle it – put an empty copier paper box by your desk and see how quickly it fills up. Collect plastic milk cartons, cans and cardboard
  • Be Green & Fair Where available and appropriate use Fair Trade or ethically traded products.