Preparing for our First Meeting

In order that we can assist you to the fullest extent you should consider the following points listed below:

    • Write down all your questions and bring the list along to the meeting
    • Please bring all relevant paperwork to the meeting
    • It is helpful if you can provide a list of key events or dates relating to the matter
    • If there are other professionals we need to work with please bring in all their contact details and let them know we may contact them
    • If you have any special needs, like avoiding stairs, or an interpreter let us know when you make the appointment. If necessary we can come to see you at home or a neutral venue
    • If you are planning to bring someone with you as support please advise when making the appointment
    • We will provide a summary of the meeting and advice given and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

See the SRA guidance on using a Solicitor.