Proof of Identity

Download Proof of Identity Requirements as a PDF (56kb)

Legislation requires us to ask you to produce proof of your identity.  Please bring or send us originals.  We will copy them and give them back to you before you leave.  We cannot act for you without this.  We need either:

  • one government document that verifies your name and address or name and date of birth
  • government document that verifies your full name and another supporting document which verifies your name and either your address or date of birth.

If you cannot provide such documents please let us know as soon as possible so we can consider other methods of verification.  If possible please let us know before you first come to see us.

Government Documents

  • current signed passport
  • birth certificate
  • current photocard driver’s licence
  • current EEA member state identity card

Examples of other supporting documents

  • residence permit issued by the home office
  • firearms certificate or shotgun licence
  • construction industry photographic registration card
  • benefit book or original notification letter from DWP confirming benefits
  • council tax bill
  • utility bill or statement, or a certificate from a utilities supplier confirming an arrangement to pay services on pre-payment terms
  • a cheque or electronic transfer drawn on an account in the name of the client with a credit or financial institution regulated for the purposes of money laundering
  • bank, building society or credit union statement or passbook containing current address
  • a recent original mortgage statement from a recognised lender
  • solicitor’s letter confirming recent house purchase or Land Registry confirmation or address
  • local council or housing association rent card or tenancy agreement
  • HMRC self-assessment statement or tax demand
  • house or motor insurance certificate

If you cannot produce sufficient documents from the above please let us know, and advise if you are listed in the following:

  • a local or national telephone directory confirming name and address
  • an electoral register

Download Proof of Identity Requirements as a PDF (56kb)