Domestic Abuse & Harassment

Domestic Violence and Harassment are all too often suffered in silence.  However, the legal system is geared to help in these matters, quickly and effectively.

The Harris & Harris Family Law team is experienced in handling these stressful situations, offering a sympathetic ear and proactive approach that can quickly give you and any children a safer life.

The first step to getting help that is the hardest to take.  That one call for help will ensure you have the right professional support that can make things change.  The law offers protection from physical, sexual and psychological violence, harassment and intimidation.  We can work with the Courts and the Police to prevent any future threat to you.

We always deal with domestic violence and abuse as a matter of urgency and where personal safety is concerned we can obtain an Injunction very quickly.  This is a Court Order forbidding someone from pestering, harassing, intimidating, threatening or using violence against you or your children.  Alternatively we could seek an Occupation Order to get someone to leave the home.  Both of these Orders are serious and can be backed up by the Police and imprisonment if it becomes necessary.

So if you are worried about your personal safety of that of your children, talk to us and we can help you to a safer life.