Mediation is an informal way of resolving a dispute in a confidential and neutral environment and does not include formal legal representation for either party.  For couples who are separating or divorcing, it provides an unofficial and often less stressful environment for discussing arrangements.

Mediation allows the couple to remain in total control of the process and to freely address all the questions relating to their separation including issues surrounding the care of children, the division of assets and the future of the family home.  Either party is entitled to legal advice before and after mediation sessions if they so wish and lawyers will be needed to formalise any settlement arrangements agreed at the sessions once the mediation process is complete.

A trained family mediator is present at mediation sessions to act as an impartial ‘middle man’.  The mediator will facilitate discussions helping to keep the conversation practical and non-confrontational, enabling the couple to work towards an amicable conclusion.

Couples who have used mediation successfully to reach a settlement have found that it preserves a better ongoing relationship for them and their families as they embark on their separate lives.  Mediation is also less costly than litigation through the courts and your costs may be covered through the Legal Aid Scheme.

The Family Law Team at Harris & Harris is able to make direct referrals to local mediators and provide legal support throughout the process.